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FOLF 10K Training Program
Join the Full of Life Fitness (FOLF) team as we support and train for the Mother's Day 10K Run.  Race proceeds benefit the Semper Fi Fund.  The race course runs through Woodley Park, next to Lake Balboa. The course is super easy to follow at it consists of 2 loops at Woodley Park that run next to Lake Balboa. There will be an aid station every loop. The best part - everyone will get a cool medal and a goodie bag without the bag. Basically, there will be boxes of free stuff laying out that you are allowed to take from along with the usual bananas, water, etc. This helps save bags and continue to be as eco-friendly as possible.
How Do I Train for a 10K?
Coach Heather Binns, CPT with Full of Life Fitness will guide you down the 10K training path!  With this 6-week program, you'll receive a weekly training curriculum including training days/mileage, various stretching techniques, corrective/strength/resistance training, speed training, nutrition guidance, coaching advice, motivation and more!  You must be able to run or walk/run continuously for at least 20 minutes prior to starting this program. If you are not at that level yet, register today so we can send you a pre-conditioning program to start now on your own to get to that level before training begins in April. 

Your program includes:
  •   10K race entry ($23 value)
  •   10K race goodie bag without the bag (more eco-friendly)
  •   FOLF 6-week training program (described above)
  •   Weekly group runs (we meet as a group each Sunday morning at local parks)
  •   Priority registration of in-season Full of Life Fitness clinics and events

All this for only $86!

Full of Life Fitness members pay only $56!

The program starts April 1st, our first group training is April 6th, and race day is on May 11th. You do not need to register for the race on the race website, we handle that for you as part of being on the Full of Life Fitness team. You will receive a welcome email within 24-48 hours of joining with more information. Thanks and we look forward to running with you!
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