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Full of Life Fitness Has Evolved

by Heather Binns, CPT on 12/23/15

Full of Life Fitness is now Renov8 Fitness™! We're full swing into the holiday season and 2016 is fast approaching. I'd like to say thank you for being a part of the Full of Life Fitness (FOLF) brand over the years. Your support has meant the world to me and now I'm so happy to share the exciting engagements, plans and actions we have in store for 2016!

First, after 8 years, we are saying goodbye to the FOLF brand and launching Renov8 Fitness™. What we do at Renov8 Fitness™ is exactly what the name implies - we renovate the body! Renov8 will continue to be a place for you to find your strength, fitness and athlete within. And we remain a fitness coaching center where you can make some of the best friendships of your life as you sweat alongside others who are just as dedicated to health and wellness as you are.

To launch our new brand, I'm offering an awesome promotion until December 31st:

Overstock Liquidation - We have a huge supply of FOLF 5-class punch cards ($150 value) available for purchase at $50 each (for new members only). It would make a great gift for any friends and family you'd like to see working out with you. Go to to purchase.

Some general announcements for Renov8 Fitness™ in the coming year:

1) Symmetry™ - Renov8 Fitness™ will be launching a new service called Symmetry™, which is a patented physics-based program that focuses on pain relief and improved performance through postural alignment. Symmetry™ will give you an edge in all of your training, so stay tuned for that future announcement.

2) New Team Member - Angel Martinez joined us as Renov8's Certified Level 3 Symmetry™ Professional handling all of your measurements, routines and sessions.

3) More Group Fitness Coaching Sessions - I'm happy to announce that we'll be adding more sessions to the schedule in the first quarter of 2016. I'll be instructing carefully-selected Apprentices and training them to deliver the quality and personal attention you're already used to.

Whew - that was a lot, but I just had to share the good news. I wish you a beautiful holiday season and a joyous New Year's celebration!

Warmest Wishes,

Heather Binns

Yes, I Have Been MIA

by Heather Binns, CPT on 08/06/15

My latest FOLF FitLetter is up!  Read it HERE.

Water Works: How to Prevent Dehydration this Summer

by Heather Binns, CPT on 07/11/15

Check out my Fabletics blog post on hydration HERE.

This Workout Was No Joke!

by Heather Binns, CPT on 03/23/15

Even though it was a total of 8 minutes, I used everything I had and I was spent! I definitely felt the difference of not being able to stick to my usual workout routine during the last 3 weeks in my new position at my job. No complaints, just an eye opener of how much can change in such a short time, especially as you get older. This workout mostly kicked my cardiovascular systems' ass! I had a hard time catching my breath and only in the last 1-2 rounds did I really start feeling the fatigue in my arms. I could not only see the pain in my face as I watched this video, but I felt it again as well. I literally had nothing left at the end and pushed as hard as I could even in those last 10 seconds...I attained failure and then collapsed to the ground. You can view the video of it HERE.  Thanks for the support, Kevin Vaughan and Steven Binns, Jr....and all the others cheering in the background.

What Is Fascia and Why Is It Important?

by Heather Binns, CPT on 02/10/15

I'm proud to be featured in the Spartan blog website on January 28th. Please read my article about you know what it is?


by Heather Binns, CPT on 02/08/15




Tim Presley

(503) 887-0804





Heather Binns, CPT Selected to Represent ReplaceSR


Tigard, Ore. — Sept. 8, 2014 — Nationally-renowned fitness expert Heather Binns, CPT, has been signed on as hydration supplement ReplaceSR’s newest spokesperson.


ReplaceSR is manufactured by Endurance Products Company (EPC), distributor of a line of premium supplements. ReplaceSR is the first product in a line of sustained release delivery systems specifically for athletes looking for convenient and effective hydration supplements for endurance workouts.


Binns was voted one of the top five personal trainers in Los Angeles in 2012 and 2013. She is a fitness expert, wellness educator, best-selling author, certified personal trainer and coach. An accomplished athlete, she has spent most of her life devoted to helping others achieve their fitness goals. She is one of America’s PremierExperts®, a designation given in recognition of her outstanding personal accomplishments and expert knowledge in fitness.  


Binns is the founder of Full of Life Fitness (, a Valley Glen-based fitness training company that provides fitness coaching and race training as well as cost-effective instruction for individuals of all activity levels.


"We are excited to partner with Heather Binns,” said Joe Brunner, President of Endurance Products Company. “She is tremendously impactful in the fitness community as a National Fitness expert in multiple sports and we believe that her extremely active lifestyle is a perfect fit for ReplaceSR."


ReplaceSR’s sustained release electrolytes support hydration during extreme workouts, offering a continuous supply of electrolytes over a 4-to-6-hour period. The supplement allows athletes to focus on their performance and not worry about re-dosing. Athletes simply take 1 to 3 tablets with a glass of water before training and then drink water according to thirst.


The all-natural supplement has no sugar or artificial colors. ReplaceSR’s balanced formula is easy on the digestive system.


"I love ReplaceSR,” Binns said. “It's my electrolyte supplement of choice because I can drink plain water and not have to worry about mixing powders. It also allows me not to worry about what electrolyte drink a race is using because everyone has water. My Full of Life Fitness members and running teams love ReplaceSR because it's easy to use and helps prevent muscle cramps."


Learn more about Heather Binns, CPT, and Follow Binns on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


To purchase ReplaceSR online, locate the supplement in stores, read frequently asked questions, learn more about usage of the supplement and contact the ReplaceSR team, go to at


# # #


Success Three Years In a Row!

by Heather Binns, CPT on 10/13/14

Thanks to all of you I was voted one of the top 5 personal trainers in Los Angeles for a third year in a row on LA HOTLIST.  In 2012 I was 5th place, in 2013 I was 2nd place, and now in 2014 I was 2nd place again!  It's a pleasure to help impact so may lives and to be a health & fitness resource for you all.  I am honored by this accolade and want to express my gratitude for your continued loyalty.  I love what I do, and without you it wouldn't be possible!

Heather Binns, CPT

BOSSLADIES: Celebrating American Business Women’s Day

by Heather Binns, CPT on 09/28/14

I'm proud to be featured on Kate Hudson's Fabletics blog on September 22nd! The article celebrates American Business Women’s Day. Check it out at

10 Simple Fitness Tips That Work

by Heather Binns, CPT on 09/16/14

I was quoted in a recent article ‘10 Simple Fitness Tips That Work.' You can view it at

FOLF at the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life!

by Heather Binns, CPT on 06/25/14

Almost all of us have been touched by cancer in some way, so we decided to make a difference by walking and raising money in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life event.  On June 21-22, 2014 our Full of Life Fitness team camped-out overnight and took turns walking around the track to raise money and awareness to help the American Cancer Society in the world's largest fight against cancer.

Our team took action to help finish the fight. We successfully raised over $1,000 because saving lives from cancer starts with one team, one participant, and one dollar at a time.

The members of our Full of Life Fitness (FOLF) team took turns walking for 24-hours nonstop at Walter Reed Middle School and supported all the walkers with beads they collected on every lap that they walked.  Boy, was it a hit!

One FOLF team member, Ronald Ivy, dedicated himself to walking at least 35 miles in the 24-hour period.  He greatly surpassed his goal by walking a total of 48 miles from 9:00am on Saturday to 9:00am on Sunday --- unbelievable!!

A big thanks goes out to our FOLF Team Captain, Rosa Ramirez, for coordinating all of the relay details and keeping our team up-to-date through the entire process.  All in all we are very proud to have participated in such a wonderful event for such a wonderful cause.  We're all looking forward to walking again in 2015!

The Scale Lies to You

by Heather Binns, CPT on 06/25/14

I'm proud to be featured on Kate Hudson's Fabletics blog on June 20th! My post is about the weight scale and losing body fat. Check it out at

Women's Health and Building Awareness

by Heather Binns, CPT on 05/22/14

I had a great Women's Health presentation today for the LA County employees in downtown Los Angeles. It's amazing how little people know about common health issues such as mammograms, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, HPV, osteoporosis, heart disease....and the list goes on and on. It was great being able to inform/teach these women how they can reduce their risk of these and other medical issues. We talked about the signs/symptoms to look for, when to have screenings, and much, much more. I truly love what I do!!!

Easter Eggs and a 10K with Full of Life Fitness

by Heather Binns, CPT on 04/23/14

Our Mother's Day 10K Team was featured in the Fabletics Blog today!  Check us out HERE.

Full of Life Fitness 2014 New Year, New You Triumphs!

by Heather Binns, CPT on 04/10/14

This year’s Full of Life Fitness New Year, New You Body Transformation Contest was truly inspirational. Each team built its own unique ambiance and motivational styles. Everyone successfully completed challenging workouts, improved unhealthy eating habits, and made life-long changes in mindset and attitude towards being fit and healthy. After 6 weeks of hard work and dedication the results are in!

In 3rd place, with a total loss of 12.51% body fat, is Elia Magana Ramirez, Andrea Robinson and Rosa Ramirez. Congrats!! 

In 2nd place, with a total loss of 15.99% body fat, is Michelle Lima, Ronald Ivy and Yanira Lima. Congrats!!

And this year’s New Year, New You Body Transformation Contest Winners with a total loss of 17.54% body fat, is Hayden Soria (not pictured), Jasmine Lima and Daniel Coronel. Congrats!!

And, we can't forget the individual that lost the most body fat percentage in this 6-week contest = Elia Magana Ramirez (11.32%). Congrats Elia!

Now even though there can be only one winning team, absolutely everyone in this contest is a winner!  Each team member spent the past 6 weeks paying more attention the their eating habits, adding workouts to each week, creating a confident and successful attitude, and accomplishing a goal that is nothing short of incredible! I am so proud of each an every New Year, New You contestant and truly proud to have led everyone on this incredible journey toward a more fit and healthier lifestyle!

Now I present to you the Full of Life Fitness 2014 New Year, New You Body Transformation Contestants: (from left to right) Rosa Ramirez, Michelle Lima, Andrea Robinson, Jasmine Lima, Dawn Herbert, Elia Magana Ramirez, Ronald Ivy, Yanira Lima and Daniel Coronel (not pictured are Shireen Lalwani, Hayden Soria and Madison Bales).


A BIG THANK YOU to Fabletics for donating gift cards to the 2014 New Year, New You Body Transformation Contest. The Fabletics gift card winners were Jasmine Lima and Elia Magana Ramirez. Congrats ladies!


Both contestants and FOLF members joined us in celebrating everyone's success at our New Year, New You Finale Party on April 9, 2014.  At the end of the evening we held a raffle and our lucky raffle winners were (from left to right) Daniel Coronel, Ronald Ivy, Lynette Garcia and Yanira Lima!

I now invite you to read the New Year, New You Contestant comments below.

“I won’t forget the day that I was able to wear a button-up shirt that I have not been able to wear in over two years.”

“I am very thankful for this challenge, it got me revved-up again to continue to exercise and eat healthy because that's when I feel my best! THANK YOU HEATHER!”

 “Once I joined Full of Life Fitness I noticed a major change within 2 weeks. I felt better about myself, I started to lose inches, and gain muscle.”

“Overall, working with Heather has put me back onto a healthy track and lifestyle. Thanks Heather!"

“I’m glad to say I enjoyed the experience and learned countless lessons from Heather’s training. She created a comfortable environment to work in and was really encouraging to everyone during the workouts.”

“Doing my training and completing the New Year, New You Body transformation made a huge difference.”

“I've seen great results. I have lost a lot of inches from the side of my stomach. My face and arms look slimmer.  I can honestly say I feel more comfortable now with my body and myself. I don't have a muffin top anymore or struggle to button up my pants.”

“My experience at FOLF was fascinating; it helped me to accomplish what I've been needing to do for a while and achieving my goal to be fit.”

“I am so happy I joined this challenge. It made me jump back into eating the way I should and want to be eating with a plan that is 100% doable.” 

“If I had to do it again I would. It’s worth every sore muscle.”

“Heather Binns, the founder and trainer of FOLF, helped me a great deal in achieving my goal. Thank you Heather!!

“After only 6 weeks, I see actual gains! I've lost some of that annoying fat and strengthened my shoulders and wrists, areas I've had problems with since high school.”

“I learned that 45 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week, really does make a difference.”

“The results have improved my performance drastically. I feel better, I feel stronger, faster, lighter even.”

“The metabolic classes mixed with the total body strength added-in with keeping track of all healthy and unhealthy eating habits using the food journal as a great way to observe results and track positive changes in my healthy living habits.”

“New Year New ME…Luckily Heather continues to train me in the path to a better and healthier me.”

“My experience with NYNY was positive…I would recommend this.”

“I have never kept track of any weight loss I have done in the past, but in seeing the results, I can honestly say I'm more than satisfied.”

“The six week process was tough but rewarding with the results I saw over time. I enjoyed the atmosphere working out here and looking forward to working with Heather more in the future.” 

“I will continue with my ‘living happy and healthy journey’ with FOLF and my new found FOLF comrades.”

"I manage what I eat very well now, and it's something that I have become so accustomed t that it simply is a part of my life now."

RedStar RS70 Shades Review

by Heather Binns, CPT on 03/31/14

RedStar asked me to choose one of their sunglass models to review, so here it is.  The reason I chose the RS70 shades is because they are made for sports and come in my favorite color - orange.  The orange color on their website picture is a bit more vibrant than on the actual shades themselves, but definitely not a deterrent for me.

First off, here is the website description of the RS70 shades:

"Neoplastics, Memex and Zevlez nickel metal and poly frames create an elite sport sunglass.  Our ultra sport frames are light weight and offer ventilation to reduce fogging.  The temple and nose bridge material are designed to reduce slippage.

Our Polarized lenses enhance colors and visual clarity as well as offer 100% UV protection.  They block 50% of light passing through the lens to reduce visual fatigue.  Our polarized lenses feature a hard finish that achieves near perfect visual acuity."

While wearing the RS70 shades outdoors on a sunny day with the original lenses, I walked north, south, east and west to test how they blocked the sun rays.  They did allow my eyes to relax more in the sun versus not wearing shades at all, however I prefer them to block a little more light than they do.  I noticed I was squinting a little bit while facing the direction of the sun (west), but that's common with most shades.

The RS70 shades are quite comfortable and light weight and have a nose bridge that can be manipulated to fit your face - a feature I like to have since my face is a bit narrower.  The key is finding the right spot so they are not too tight and cause extra pressure on either side of your nose.  In addition to walking, I also ran with the shades on and performed 30 jumping jacks to see if they would stay in place on my face, and they did!  That's one of the most important features to me in a pair if glasses as its annoying to constantly move them up if they fall over time.

One thing I really love about the RS70 shades is that the lenses wrap the furthest around my face than any other pair I have ever worn.  This is important to me as they protect the sides of my eyes from the elements such as wind and rain.  I haven't used these while on a bike ride yet, but this is definitely something I look forward to.  When cycling the wind tends to make my eyes water as I ride if the shades do not wrap around my face.

The RS70 shades come with a protective case to keep them safe while on the go, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and an additional set of lenses in grey.  The MSRP of the RS70 shades is $150.00; one of the more expensive pairs I have ever worn.

If you regularly play outdoor sports and value the same features I do in a pair of sunglasses as described above, then you should definitely check out the RS70 shades. They can be found at and you can use the discount code MTA14 to receive a $500 RedStar gift card to use for your purchase; you just pay shipping and handling.  Thank you and I hope you found my review helpful.

Let's Talk About Food, Baby!

by Heather Binns, CPT on 03/05/14

Don't Have Time To Cook?  Don't Like to Cook?  Don't Know How to Cook?

Okay, so here it is.  This is a long one but definitely worth the read if you are trying to eat healthier and be fit…bedsides I took the time to write it and would love for you to read it ;)

Many of my Full of Life Fitness members have been asking about the food that is all stacked-up in my freezer since last Thursday, or asking about the food plan that I tested out the end of last year/beginning of this year.  So here it is…

As most of you know, I always test everything out on myself, or my hubby, first.  Why would I want to recommend something that I didn't, or won't, use for myself?  I wouldn't.  So, I decided to always make my best effort to test things out myself such as my supplement line, various training programs and now food.

Over the years I've had many clients and members talk about how they hate to cook or that they don't have time to plan meals and eat healthy.  Well, let's face it, there's always going to be a day where we didn't make time to cook or we're just being too lazy to cook…myself included.  And, we all know that nutrition is one of the biggest components of fat loss and improved health…fitness is an adjunct to it.  So, I set out to find a nutrition system or food plan that could help those that need it…and I did.  It's called Personal Trainer Food (PTF).

PTF is real food, pre-cooked, frozen and with no preservatives or fillers like rice and noodles.  There are no hidden sugars or bad carbs and no heavily processed foods.  It consists of mostly natural foods the way we ate 40 years ago.  It's simple - meats, vegetables, natural dairy and select nuts, and it was created by professional trainers.

They now offer five different food plans consisting of 28 days of food to make fat loss easier if that's your goal.  Or, if you are just trying to eat healthier and maintain your healthy weight.  As I already coach in my Full of Life Fitness contests, challenges and daily nutrition guidelines, there are no calories to count and no points to look up.  It's easy to order and to use.

PTF has no hidden fees, no contracts, no auto billing, and no gimmicks.  They even have a Macro Nutrition calculator & Gluten Meter to help you build a perfectly balanced plan without the bad 'stuff' if that's needed for your own specific health based on what your doctor has prescribed you.

So as I did my research, which some of you heard about during these past handful of months, I decided that this indeed was a good option for some of my clients, members and followers that need extra convenience - maybe you!

And as an added bonus in my trials of PTF, I found that I could be affiliated with them and get you $50 off your orders!  That's awesome!!

To try PTF yourself, just go to HERE and select the plan you want.  I don't recommend the All-Inclusive Plan as you can purchase the same snacks on your own for less money, unless true convenience really is your thing.  There are also some items that I don't prefer due to their nature of being slightly breaded or a bit more fatty, but even if you did order those items, you're still better off than eating fast food and lots of sugar.  Feel free to email me at before you place your order and I can tell you which items those are.

Note - The best way to eat is always fresh and home-cooked in a healthy manner, but this can help those that don't cook well or don't make the time to cook.  Also, please consult your physician if you have food restrictions or other dietary guidelines to follow before purchasing.

IMPORTANT FOR YOUR DISCOUNT - During checkout, when it asks you "How did you hear about us," select "Trainer" and then enter my trainer code of "55979." Then for the discount code enter "ptftrainer."  This will then give you $50 off and I also get a small bonus for being an affiliate with PTF - another bonus I wasn't planning on!!

So, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about this plan.  As I said, I have tried each and every one of these food items myself.  Also, feel free to share this information with your friends, family and coworkers.  Just have them enter the same trainer code and discount code listed above when they order so they, too, can save $50 and I also get the trainer referral bonus.

Now enjoy this convenient and healthier nutrition plan to add to your busy lifestyle!   If you do, please share your thoughts with me.  Thank you.

Fitting In Fitness

by Heather Binns, CPT on 03/05/14

We all need to make an effort to fit in fitness into our everyday life and move more than we already do.  Here's two tips that you can start doing to make fitness more a part of your lifestyle:

1) Schedule fitness in your calendar like you would any other appointment - then stick to it!

2) Move at least once every hour (ex: stand-up & stretch at your desk, use the stairs, walk to your coworker's cubicle instead of calling, do pushups on your desk/wall, play with your dog/children for a few minutes, etc.).

We all need to move more everyday!

Featured in the Chapman Alumni News - January 2014

by Heather Binns, CPT on 01/17/14

I'm proud to be featured in the Chapman Alumni News for being voted by the Los Angeles Hot List is one of the top personal trainers in Los Angeles for a 2nd year in a row. Check it out at

We're Moving!

by Heather Binns, CPT on 12/31/13

I am excited to announce that Full of Life Fitness is moving! Our move is scheduled for the week of January 13 – January 19, 2014. We are only moving about 3 miles away from our current location to Valley Glen, so it’s not far at all.

This move is an exciting one as we will have more space to train, both indoors and outdoors, and I am looking forward to having even more fun with you in your workouts at this new location! Don't worry about your training being halted…you will still be able to train with me during the move.

I appreciate your continued support as we make these big changes in the FOLF coaching center and look forward to moving ahead with all of my great members. Thank you!

Our First Mud Run Team!

by Heather Binns, CPT on 12/15/13

Join the Full of Life Fitness? Lozilu Women's Mud Run team! This race is a women's-only mud run at the Rose Bowl on March 22, 2014. It's a beginner course and a great way to get a taste of your first mud run, or add one to your list of many! Our wave is at 11:00am, so you do get to sleep in :)

Our team is compromised of ladies who love feeling fitnessly-fulfilled and who are proud to find their athlete within! Is that you?

We will have complimentary team practices before the race so you will be's time to have some girly fun in the mud!

You can register and join our "FULL OF LIFE FITNESS" team at:

If you've already registered, you can join our team here:

You can also find more information at the event website:

I'm looking forward to having you join us!